Neil Bagchi Serves as Panelist for “Opportunities and Challenges of Doing Business with India and China”

International Business CouncilBagchi Law founder, Neil Bagchi, was asked by the International Business Council to serve as a panelist for a symposium on “Opportunities and Challenges of Doing Business with India and China.” Given Neil’s experience with helping companies execute strategies in India, he was able to give unique insights into India as a country rich with opportunities for growth.

About the International Business Council (IBC)

With a commitment to promoting Peace Through Commerce, the Council provides business consulting services to entrepreneurs in emerging markets. These services include: Business Development; Go to Market Strategy; Market Research; Bookkeeping & Accounting Training; Financial Management. The IBC draws from private sector models as it collaborates with local entrepreneurs, NGOs, and government agencies in order to tackle some of the most daunting challenges in developing countries. Its vision is bold but delivered in practical and tangible ways. Learn more about the IBC at

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