Neil Bagchi Speaks at TiE Carolinas’ Event for Entrepreneurial Law Firms

Bagchi Law Founder and Attorney, Neil Bagchi, was a panelist at TiE Carolina’s event “The 10 Legal Must Do’s & 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid for any Successful Entrepreneurial Firm.”

The event, which took place on June 21, 2012, was designed to educate businesses on avoiding the legal pitfalls that often create roadblocks to entrepreneurial success and on gaining an understanding of the enormous power that strategic legal choices can have in paving the growth of a company.

“It is always an exciting opportunity to be around entrepreneurial-minded legal professionals who also have an impressive pedigree of representing several Fortune100 companies,” said Neil Bagchi. “I truly applaud TiE Carolina for once again fostering entrepreneurship and innovation and bringing together such a talented panel for this event.”

About TiE CarolinasBagchi Law is a proud supporter of TiE Carolinas, which is an organization of individuals who share mutual respect and meritocracy as their core values. TiE is chartered by entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots or interest in the Indus region, with the explicit goal to benefit entrepreneurs. For more information about TiE Carolina, please visit

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