Since the firm’s inception, the community give-back ethos has been part of the firm’s fabric.

After spending years opportunistically providing various charitable and non-profit organizations with pro bono assistance and serving on their boards of directors, the firm formalized its pro bono program by launching its $100,000 community give-back program in 2017.

Under this program, the firm selects a limited number of nonprofit and charitable organizations to which it provides up to $100,000 of pro bono legal service over a 12-month period. The beneficiaries of this program include A Place at the Table, The East Oakland Collective, Freedom United, The Helping Hands Project, and The Behavior Shop.

The firm continuously seeks new and unique opportunities to impact human lives through its pro bono work. If you know of a charitable or non-profit organization that could use some assistance or otherwise are interested in learning more about our program, please feel free to email us at

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