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The Role of a CFO and What a CFO Needs to Excel in a Crisis

A crisis comes in all forms. Some are company-specific, while others are industry-specific. They can also be specific to geographical location or global. Regardless of the type of crisis, the Chief Financial Officer or CFO plays an important role, if not the most crucial role during these times.

Ravila Gupta on the Benefits of Bagchi Group’s Executive Coaching Services

The Chief Executive Officer of Bagchi Group, Ravila Gupta, has had much success working with her coach, and in providing coaching services to others, she has helped clients overcome various challenges. We caught up with Ravila and discussed her experience to gain insight into the benefits of the process and what to expect when working with an executive coach.

How Startups Can Navigate the Due Diligence Process With Ease

After successfully negotiating a term sheet on behalf of your startup, the due diligence process begins. Often a dreaded step…