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Bagchi Law Expands IP Legal Services

Attorney Mayukh Sircar to lead new Intellectual Property Law focus Bagchi Law was founded on the core belief that commercial…

Bagchi Law Welcomes New Attorneys

Bagchi Law is excited to announce our firm has added two new attorneys to the team. Tyler Demasky and Amanda Frazer-Collins recently joined our Chapel Hill law firm, and both will assist in our mission of serving our clients with the expertise of a big law firm, coupled with the care and agile nature of a boutique practice.

The Role of a CFO and What a CFO Needs to Excel in a Crisis

A crisis comes in all forms. Some are company-specific, while others are industry-specific. They can also be specific to geographical location or global. Regardless of the type of crisis, the Chief Financial Officer or CFO plays an important role, if not the most crucial role during these times.