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Bagchi Law was founded in 2008 by Neil Bagchi on the belief that commercial business clients deserve better—both the expertise of a big law firm coupled with the care and agile nature of a boutique practice. Since day one, Bagchi Law and each team member have maintained a superior quality level when providing clients with coordinated global and domestic business solutions.

Bagchi Law AnniversaryOur Vision

Achieving extraordinary results starts with pushing the boundaries. We leverage a collaborative, coordinated, and cohesive approach to create a tailored solution for every client.

Our Mission

To Deliver a Comprehensive Business Solution with an Exceptional Client Experience.


Core Values

Responsive We assess potential challenges to provide timely, strategic solutions.

Integrity We nurture client trust, by operating with the highest level of integrity.

Client-Centric Client success and results are a top priority.

Innovative We leverage our experience to develop creative, relevant solutions.

Collaborative Our coordinated services ensure that you achieve the best results.

Accountable We work together seamlessly to provide the highest level of care.

Drive We bring passion and energy, knowing that active participation creates better outcomes.


How We Work

Bagchi Law provides commercial/transactional, corporate, and international legal counsel. Bagchi Group provides clients with business strategy, financial services, and executive coaching. Together, the two entities work in synergy to Challenge the Default through a tailored but comprehensive solutions-driven approach.

When Cross-Table Deals Lead to Long-term Clients

Our client, a venture-backed software company on the west coast, provided a cloud development platform for coding, building, and testing applications.

Providing a High-Touch Response From Incorporation to Acquisition

Bagchi Law's first startup to acquisition story was an e-commerce marketing company co-founded in 2011 by four previous software employees. Each had a range of experience and knowledge about their product, but it was their first time pursuing a startup venture. 

A Mission-Driven Organization in Need of International Expertise

As a nutraceuticals company headquartered in India, with a U.S. office in New Jersey, our client is a  global leader in health and wellness, providing natural products, foods, and supplements. The company’s unique mission, needs, and global presence has many moving pieces that require oversight.

A Law Firm that's RESPONSIVE to Your Business Needs


Top 6 Items International Companies Should Consider Before Doing Business in the USA

Expanding your business into the USA can be an exciting opportunity but comes with challenges. For international companies, especially those from India, it’s crucial to understand the complexities of the American market to ensure a successful venture. At Bagchi Group, we offer a specialized USA Market Discovery service designed to provide comprehensive insights and strategic analysis. Here are the top six items you should consider before making your move:

Spotlight on Lucha: A Story of Resilience and Community

n the heart of the South Bronx, a unique wrestling program has given rise to incredible athletes and inspired a compelling documentary, “Lucha.” This film captures the journey of a group of young women who, against all odds, found strength, community, and hope on the wrestling mat. Today, we are excited to share the story behind “Lucha” and its incredible impact on the lives of these young athletes and their community. We sat down with Josh Lee, a wrestling coach and one of the key figures behind this inspiring documentary.

Understanding the FTC’s ban on noncompete clauses and what this means for your business

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently formalized a rule that will alter the landscape of noncompete clauses in employment…

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