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Providing a High-Touch Response From Startup to Acquisition

The Client 

Bagchi Law's first startup to acquisition story was an e-commerce marketing company. The company was co-founded in 2011 by four previous software employees. Each had a range of experience and knowledge about their product. However, it was their first time pursuing a startup venture. 


The co-founders and Bagchi Law connected in 2010. This connection was through a mutual colleague who knew how successful previous startups benefited from Bagchi Law’s flexible model and expertise. The client desired legal counsel that had experience with entrepreneurs. Additionally, they sought a team that was sophisticated enough to support their business in a commercial setting. 


The client approached Bagchi Law because they needed help with business incorporation. In addition, they needed a legal team to develop employment agreements to avoid violations. 


Over the next few years, we worked with the co-founders to grow their business. Bagchi Law applied our integrity, accountability, and collaboration values. The client trusted that our team had their back. In turn, their company thrived from our straightforward delivery and responsive solutions. 

First, we walked with the client through seven rounds of financing.  Next, we identified stock options, helped with venture work, large acquisitions, and large leases. Finally, we developed employee compensation plans, customer agreements, and more. 

By 2017, the client’s success caught the attention of a northeast private equity group. This group later acquired the company. Bagchi Law led the transaction as well, closing the negotiations with a six-figure deal. 

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