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When Cross-Table Deals Lead to Long-term Clients


The Client 

Our client was a venture-backed software company on the west coast. They provided a cloud development platform for coding, building, and testing applications. Bagchi Law proved during this relationship that its focus is always on law firm client relationships.


We first met the client when negotiating a large software agreement. In this case, Bagchi Law was the opposing counsel. Negotiations took the entire summer with the opposing counsel cycling through multiple attorneys. However, the local Durham company we were representing walked away feeling victorious. After the deal closed, they approached Bagchi Law about becoming their corporate counsel. The client was represented by a large international firm at the time that specialized in mergers and acquisition transactions. 


However, the client was frustrated with the law firm's performance. The client felt they were falling within the cracks, and the quality of their deals was suffering. Contrarily, they admired how Bagchi Law held its own against larger firms. This while simultaneously providing clients with innovative solutions, a low-cost model, and an overall superior experience. 


First, our team helped with day-to-day corporate transactions and negotiations. But soon, Bagchi Law became this client's general counsel and led the company's global deals. 

We focused on using a risk-mitigated approach. We identified liabilities, navigated communications, and provided solutions that gave the client bargaining power during negotiations.

For instance, when the client got substantial pushback from a large Chinese company with a lot of manpower, we helped them level the field. With our support, the client closed on the deal and received a substantial payout. They later completed three additional venture capital deals with the help of the Bagchi Law team.

In the end, we were able to provide the client with a high-touch, client-centric solution that was responsive and efficient. Altogether, this underscores the importance of law firm client relationships. We eventually helped make the client an attractive target for acquisition by Red Hat.

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