Spotlight on Lucha: A Story of Resilience and Community

Lucha Documentary

n the heart of the South Bronx, a unique wrestling program has given rise to incredible athletes and inspired a compelling documentary, “Lucha.” This film captures the journey of a group of young women who, against all odds, found strength, community, and hope on the wrestling mat. Today, we are excited to share the story behind “Lucha” and its incredible impact on the lives of these young athletes and their community. We sat down with Josh Lee, a wrestling coach and one of the key figures behind this inspiring documentary.

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Unlocking the Power of Pay: A Conversation with Kapil Gupta, Founder of Compiify


Born from the frustrations of navigating outdated spreadsheet systems, Compiify exists to empower organizations with streamlined, data-driven decision-making for fair and transparent compensation practices. We spoke with Compiify founder, Kapil Gupta, to learn about the company and product that is shifting the corporate approach to compensation processes. Introduction to Compiify Tell us about your background…

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